Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mango Yoghurt Cake

SIL Carol initially didn't want me to bake any cakes for her hubby and 2 sons' + my youngest sis' galfriend, it was because I didn't attend the family's Mother's Day celebration as I had a headache that night .. I didn't have enough sleep.

I told her that I will be able to bake but she requested for simple decorations so they the cake won't tired me off :D, so sweet of her.

So, I made this non-bake cake with lots of fruits on top .. very easy hor? hahahahaha .. actually didn't want to make any sugar decor, but I guess it's just us ... still can't stop my fingers to make icons for the 4 birthday 'babies'.
This is another very nice cake , it was a 8.5" cake and was finished, even MIL also had a 2nd helping .. :D :D :D

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