Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A simple mango crepe cake for Mike's colleague

My hubby told me that they will be celebrating Geraldine ( one of his prayer group members in office ) and asked if I have time to bake one for her. I will as usual, try my best to bake so as to bless them with a joyful heart :D
I guess I'll have to seriously record down birthdays for his prayer group colleagues and reserve my dates for them and our cell members, so that I will not take in orders during those dates ..hahahaha, otherwise I will end up searching for simple cake recipes.
Thanks to Mok for this wonderful recipe, though more work but I had so much fun in making them and there were so many compliments from them :D , even my boys love them so much .. may make mango crepe rolls for my Aleo's cell group meeting this friday .. hahahahaha , the kids will like them.

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