Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garden theme with Butterfly - Megan

Geraldine wanted a garden theme for her little darling - Megan, but she wanted to have the top tier to be pink base with white polka dots which is the same as the invite's.

Initially the cake was just a 8"+10", but she emailed me later to inform me that the guest list increased, so I suggested to have a 3 tier instead , then we can have the 2-tier garden theme with the highest tier to have the sweet pink polka dot design with a Big Butterfly as requested.

The cake was really heavy with fondant covering it, it weighted about 6.6kg.

A 6"+8"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.
It's so nice of Geraldine to send this photo taken by her professional camera man .., the cake
looks so so so nice .. thanks so much dear !! :D


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kellie

Stumbled upon your BLOG whilst surfing. Your cakes are simply divine and I'm sure the recipient is totally delighted.

Ange :)