Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thomas cake for little Andre

Hmmmmmmm.. I was supposed to 'rest' this week as we've arrange to bring my MIL to her hometown in Malacca but this was one of the cakes that I couldn't reject to make.

Michelle told me that little Andre loves Thomas, she knew about my darling Andre .. and as we had a casual 'chat' through email .. not only because of her little darling shared the same name as my very precious one .. but also because little Andre shared the same birthday as me, he is special in my heart .. so I agreed to take her order too and with a little bit extra from my heart ..here is his 2nd birthday cake ..

I'm so happy that Michelle allowed me share to share little Andre's photos in my blog :D She told me that he is still singing the Birthday song till today as he really enjoyed the day with his little classmates, and most importantly he and his little guests and even adult guests love the cake, Praise God! See the way he looked at the cake really warmed my heart!

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