Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toy Story theme

It's my first time moulding Woody & Buzz, didn't expect that they took me hours to complete as they have quite a bit of details on them :O, was quite excited when Adeline requested this theme for litle Kaden's 3rd Birthday cake for him to bring to his school to celebrate with his classmates.

Thanks so much Ad for trusting me in the design and I love how it turned out to be :D

Happy Birthday Kaden and hope that you will enjoy with your little friends :)


Adeline said...

Kellie, thanks so much for making such a beautiful and cute cake for us. Kaden and all his classmates went gaga over the cake and couldnt stop 'playing' with Woody, Buzz and Martians. All their expressions and joy are priceless.

Kellie said...

Thanks so much too Adeline, I really enjoyed making this theme as it is a new challenge for me . hahahahahah ..

God Bless :D
Luv, Kellie