Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pooh and Friends ...

... all his friends to be on board on the train .. sequence was according to Gennie's request, although the requirements were quite a bit, but this was quite an enjoyable cake so far :D

Blessed 1st birthday - little Brandon



Gennie said...

Dear Kellie,
firstly, thank you very much for accepting my order.

This cake u made is really great, be it design, colours and taste.
The 2 tier cake has got no left over!!!!

Carrot cake favour is nice, thank you for the recommendation, the elderly enjoyed it, the moist chocolate is also a favourite!

It is truly worth it. Once again, thank you very much!

Kellie said...

Hi Gennie,

I am really very happy that you like the cake, thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to know and make pooh's other friends ..hahaha :D

God bless,