Monday, October 27, 2008

No. 1 Piggies for little Yi Ting

Yi Li wanted to have many 'animated' piggies on little Yi Ting's 1st Birthday cake .. but heeeeee.. hahaha, how to have animated ones .. heeeeeee, so she agreed to have piggies climbing all over the cake if possible , so I tried .. and the more simple the cake .. the more time I need to spend on it ., because really don't know how to make it as cute as possible , probably I was too tired after making so many cakes (?) .. hahahaha .... I am just a bit stressed in order not to dissapoint her.


However, it was all worthwhile as I received her email that little YiTing was very happy and even 'wow' when she saw the cake .., to her - it's priceless !! to me - it's joy :D

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