Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moses and 10-Commandments Tablet cake

When sis Angel told me that Joshua wanted to have Moses with the 10-commandments tablet cake theme .. I was a bit worried that I may not be able to mould Moses .. and really don't have any idea how the design will be.

I've finally decided to carve the cakes into 2 big tablets, thanks for Aleo's idea - he told me to bake a high 1 x 8" square cake and slice it into half to get 2 tablets, I used the top part of the cake to shape them into a mountain for Moses to stand on it.

The most crucial part is the 10-commandments wordings, I don't have nice handwriting and unsteady hands, so asked Mike to write in manuscript writing to have an ancient feel and thank God that he did it .. but they took him almost 3 hours to complete it .. hahahahaha ...
I am very happy to know that sis Angel and little Joshua likes the cake :) To me, sis Angel is a very special friend .. so it's a blessing for us to be able to bless her family as God has built a special relationship between us .. Blessed Birthday Joshua!!!

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