Sunday, January 1, 2012

Little Daniel's toy tool box & train

I was so glad to see Shi Yang's email again but this time is for their 2nd son's 1st birthday cake, he had no idea what the theme will be but just emailed 2 of little Daniel's favourite toys and hope that I could work out a design specially for him.
This was an outstanding order which I'd agreed to accept last year.


Shiyang said...


Was to busy to update you about the cake! Daniel loved the cake! It really resembles his favorite toolbox and train. We could not bear to eat it. Thanks for making such a beautiful cake.

Shiyang and Delphene

Shiyang said...

Hi Kellie,

Thank you for the super duper cute cake! I think all the adults at my son's party were super intrigued by the little miniatures of his favourite toys which you have created. We couldn't help but marvel at the little intricacies and your attention to details! It was a piece of art! :)


Kellie said...

Dear Shiyang and Delphene, I am really happy to know that you and your guests like it .. especially little Daniel.

God bless and Blessed Lunar New Year to you and your lovely family.