Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've specially made this 公鸡碗饭 for my mother-in-law,  the meal times are always the most 'comforting moment' to my mil which she is always looking forward to.

I've heard from my hubby Mike that how she had led a frugal life to raise up 5 young children ( my youngest sis-in-law was only around 1 year old then ) after my father-in-law passed away.  It isn't easy for her during those days hence she had to have a strong and stubborn character to pull through the difficult times and raised up her children,  this character has become even more magnified ever since she was diagnosed with dementia disease. 

I've been taking care of her for the past 6 weeks and it is really not easy to cope with daily challenges of looking after her needs with sudden mood swings plus many other unexpected issues, but thank God for all the patience and love to help me to go through this period ... she is now back home with my brother-in-law's family and will be back :)

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