Sunday, July 24, 2011

Princess Belle

Lilian had been ordering cakes from me since Krissa's 1st Birthday and she loves to challenge me with characters and design for the past few years, but thankfully this year she gave me 2 simpler theme for her princess' 4th birthday .. haaaaa .. and I really love this Princess Belle that I've created specially for her this time :)

Happy Birthday little Krissa !!!

Little Marcus' playful & cheerful Jungle theme cake

It was so fun working on this cute jungle theme, William didn't really restrict me in the design but just wanted to have a cheerful & playful jungle theme that include a Baby playing with Tigger, a Lion and Monkey and left the rest of the animals to me to fit into the cake to be something similar to this design.

I was really happy to know that his family and guests like the cake and looking forward to receive the photo from him, thanks so much William and Happy Birthday to little Marcus! God Bless :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Piano theme

So happy to see Lin's email again, but this time she wanted to have a special cake for her wonderful mum-in-law to celebrate her 70th Birthday.

This was what she described her :
"She is those who put others before her so we would like to surprise her on her birthday with something extra special."
"She likes playing piano and the colour purple. She is still very fit and if you met her, you would think she is in her late 50s! She keeps herself very well. She is very trendy and likes to dress up. "
"She also likes pink so she is quite "girly" kind. So flowers etc. Glitter etc"

Hence, I've created this cake specially for this special lady and hope that she likes it :D

Little Jerome's plush dog & capybara san

Angel told me that Jerome loves his plush dog and capybara san toys, so she emailed the photos for me to mould them and put them all on his 4th Birthday cake.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celeste's Violin Fairy & Pocoyo cakes :)

Sheila wanted to have 2 cakes for her precious little sweet princess - Celeste's 4th birthday .. Violin Fairy was to bring to her school to celebrate with her little friends while the family will be celebrating with her favourite Pocoyo characters at home :)

She left the cake designs to me for both cakes .. except for Pocoyo that she requested to have all those characters, I was so glad that I have Debbie Brown's books as the fairy was inspired by one of her great designs. :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

A seamstress theme cake for my Mummy dearest

My mum was a seamstress when we were young, just to help to earn more money to support our family .. It was a pleasant surprise when she saw the cake .. she loves the design especially that cute little miniature sewing machine that I bought and it fits nicely into the cake design :D

Happy Blessed Birthday to my most dearest mum !! May our Lord Jesus bless you with all the goodness and keep you safe and healthy at all times .. and of cos most importantly is that HE will touch your heart and bring you to salvation one day, AMEN!

Pink Bible Cake

Ps. Hazeil saw the cake that I baked for Ps. Deborah in her FB and requested me to make a similar design but replace Cookie Monster to Mrs Potato Head for sis Rui Ping as she likes this character very much :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Little Genevieve's Cookie Monster cake

I'm beginning to like Cookie Monster after making it for Ps. Deb and for little Genevieve's cake :D

Joanne wanted to have Joshua's cake colour theme for her little darling's 2nd Birthday cake.

Princessy Pooh theme for little Evangeline

I must be so unwell that I overlooked that Angel didn't need the princess carriage anymore after several email correspondence, but just a colourful and bright Pooh garden for her sweet princess Evangeline's 1st Birthday cake, however .. I was so happy that she still likes this theme and design .. :)

Little Jaedon's 3D McQueen cake

Madeline is Jasmine's friend and likes the carved McQUeen cake that I did for little Cebestin and requested to have a similar design for her little precious Jaedon to celebrate his 2nd Birthday at school :D

Jayden's Pooh garden cake

Andy told me that he likes the cake that I did for little Joshua's cake but in a much smaller version, hence I made some minor changes to it and glad that he likes it.

Ice Age 3

I was sick since early this week and really need to thank our Lord Jesus for strengthening me throughout the week that I could fulfill all the orders. :D

Regina passed me these Ice Age plastic figurines and required me to mould only that 2 cute baby dinos .. and also leave the design either to be ice age or the dinosaur land theme, I was so happy to know that little Caylyne and her classmates like the cake and design :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Javier's Smurf Village

Smurfs are cute !!! .. I love them the moment I saw them when Jennifer passed the figurines to me for her little Javier's 1st Birthday cake. She wanted to have a Smurf Village theme so I created a mini farm with some mushroom houses .. hope that she and her family will like it :D

Japanese Bible Book for Ps Deborah

I always enjoy most when it comes to design/decorate cakes to bless my dear siblings for it's a gift from our daddy dearest in Heaven, so freely I should do my part as a precious daughter of His to bless His beloved children too :)

I remember that Ps. Deb loves cookie monster, hence this year I made a sweet Japanese bible with 2 cookie monsters - 1 hiding under the 'cloth' while another behind the book and peeping when he was eating his cookies .. but Mike told me that he was still 'caught' by Allan and he snatched 1 of C.M's cookies .. hahahahaha ..

Blessed Birthday Ps. Deborah .. may the Lord bless you and shows favour in your life each and everyday :>

Friday, July 1, 2011

Twins' elmo cake

I'm so happy again to know that Ay Wei is back for little Ben & Josh's 2nd Birthday cake .. this time she wanted to have a Elmo theme and leave the design to me, hope that she and the little guys like the cake. Blessed Birthday little darlings!

Kyenne's sweet froggy garden

So happy to see Ivel's email again, this time was to do a cake for her 2nd gal - Kyenne's 1st Birthday .. she told me that little Kyenne loves froggies which she doesn't understand why .. haaa.. however, do find that frogs are cute too :)

Ivel wanted to have a pastel coloured cake with a little gal playing happily with the froggies in a sweet garden theme. Blessed birthday dear!