Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ben 10

Jose told me that Cavan is a great fan of Ben10, and gave me a list of the characters to me for moulding .. I've no idea how they look like and need to google to find out if I am able to mould .. finally .... we've settled for :
A) Ben Tennyson
B) Echo Echo Defender
C) Upchuck
D) Andreas

Frankly, I'm really not sure how they actually look like because my Aleo gave me so many opinion, I just find those pictures that I feel that I am able manage and hopefully I don't disappoint the birthday boy :D

Pastor Tim's durian cake :)

Sis Joanne called me from USA telling me that Rebekah and staffs from Tung Ling Bible School asked her if they can order the durian chiffon cake from me for their principal - our Pst. Tim.

Mike and I had wanted to bless him too, so suggested them to buy him a gift instead :)
I made a suitcase topper because he will be flying to USA to meet sis Joanne soon, with an India tag because he is also serving as a missionary there & a USA tag .. along with his favourite fruits . BLESSED BIRTHDAY Pastor Tim.

Astro Boy for our cell leader !!

Yong De and Pastor Tim shared the same birthday, initially Yong De wanted to celebrate with him, but Pst Tim is too busy and couldn't find time to celebrate with our cell.

I made an Astro Boy cake for him in 2007 and this is my 2nd attempt to make his favourite character on a small durian cake for our cell members to bless him during our cell group meeting :)

Princesss theme cake for Joie

I was so surprised to see how small those golden princess figurines when Lin Teo passed to me for her princess Joie's cake ... and was glad that they fit in so nicely on the 6" round cake, she just told me that Joie loves pink and purple and leaves the design to me and was so happy that she likes it :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Precious Moment Theme

Mummy Joey is very clear with what she wanted for her sweetie Shernise's 1st Birthday cake, she has specifically written down notes and pictures attached and I just need to follow as closely on her requirements and was glad that it turned out to be pretty and sweet :)

Alvin's Thomas cake

Mrs Lim likes this cake design and wanted to have the same design for her little darling - Alvin's 2nd birthday cake :)