Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Log cake

Made a Tiramisu Log cake to bless Mike's altar ministry members, Lilian, Pamela, Samantha, Ing Cheong & Robert on their birthdays in church this morning. As Christmas is around the corner and the theme "Home for Christmas" skit is going on; that is why there are little houses incorporated into the design.

Mickey Mouse

William requested for a Mickey Mouse with Christmas theme with a boy figurine and gingerbread men as little Aiden likes them alot :D

Monument Cake for Bible College of Wales

Our church media director, Rui Ping contacted me on Tuesday and asked if I could make a cake replica of the monument of the Bible College of Wales. My feeble attempt yielded the cake above which somewhat resembled it, except that it has been restored anew, white; instead of the old rustic look. Right below the fondant are different layers of moist choc cake, coffee marble butter cake and lemon butter cake.

Lego Cake

made this for my ex-colleague - Jerine's youngest son's 1st birthday cake last week .. was too busy to post it on FB or even in my blog

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mickey Mouse theme

I had a very difficult time when making this cake .. not only because of the weather that caused the fondant to be so sensitive to work with .. the toys were also too big, so worried that they will fall off, hence no choice but to stick them all on the board. 

Minnie was too heavy to stand on her own, so made her lean back to the cake for support - decided to make a squirrel to propose to her so that she wun feel that she's being neglected by the rest .. hahahahaha

Soup Pot Cake

made a small cake for my sil Irene Chan ... gave it to her after yesterday's bday dinner celebration - just wanted to thank her for always blessing us with yummies and her unconditional love and concern not only to the family but to everyone that she knows ..

Bible Cake

made a bible cake to bless Mike's office prayer group members, Richard & Andrew on their birthday. The verse "I am the Bread of Life" was selected as the theme. :)