Friday, February 28, 2014


made this cake to bless little Josiah to celebrate his 6th birthday in school. 
Sis Audrey told me that he likes Ninjago and racing cars, he told me that he likes the black ninja when I met him in church last Sunday.

The head looks easy to make, but it really wasn't for me  .. need to be very fast to create the frills for the ninja mask as the fondant dries up very fast in this weather.
Thx sis Audrey for the photos .. and I got a little surprise from JoJo, he chose the flower print bunny as a gift for me, luv it !!! .. however .. hugs from the little ones are the most rewarding gift of all 

Bible Cake

Selected the theme, "Jesus is my rock" bible cover for a double choc cake to bless 2 of Mike's Altar Ministry members - Joseph & Eden.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

at times, it's good that customer requested same design done b4 = less stress 

So thankful to Inyene that she didn't have much request and just leave the design to me, and was so happy to know that she and her guests love the cake :D

CNY boy

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Another CNY theme for Mike's birthday celebration, this time was to be brought to church for his Altar Ministry team to bless him 

CNY fruits of the Holy Spirit Pot cake

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This was baked just 1 week before CNY for Mike to bring to office to celebrate his birthday with sis Mary & Jasmine, just felt like making CNY theme to have the festival feel 

Audrey's Tree cake

Discussed with Angie to have a 2D tree design to match the theme of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit ... moulded a princess telling biblical story to the cute animals as she will always do as a part of her birthday celebration.

Happy No. 1 Cake for little Jayden

So blessed to have another nice mummy that didn't request for much for the birthday cake, Cindy Kiang was my buddy Michelle's friend that requested a yellow coloured No. 1 cake for little Jayden's 1st birthday cake and left the design to me.

Construction theme cake

This construction theme was made in Jan for little Kiean, just no time to post .. 1st time making this theme, was fun but just felt that this is still not my usual style .. , was glad that Linda loved it