Thursday, July 17, 2014

Longevity Noodle Cake - Agar2

Agar2 longevity noodle bowl cake for my dearest mum's birthday; really happy that she liked it and she's actually looking forward to my cakes every year 

I pray Father for Your blessings to be upon my mum, bless her with good health, protect and watch over her every move, lead her into salvation. Amen!

Twinkle Star cake

Jessie sent me several cake pics on twinkle star theme because  her little gal as the meaning of her name is 'Star', and decided on this design with some changes for her sweet princess Estelle's 1st birthday cake.

Precious Moment

A sweet precious moment theme for Jasmine's little princess Denyse's 1st birthday :D

Emoji Poop cake

a very last minute request by my youngest son Aleo -  his cell members asked if I can help to make a poop cake to bless Chi Koon and Aleo suggested for an emoji poop !

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lion King cake

1st time moulding Lion King characters were not easy for me, need to google search to find out who they are .. hahaha, becoz I didn't watch the movie 
mummy Pam requested for that Rafiki & Simba to sit on the pride rock, again .. this is challenging to me .. I don't know what was it either, hahahaha thank God that little Trivin was very happy and likes the cake very much.

Agar2 Snoopy cake

had so much fun making a snoopy agar2 cake to bless sis Julie on her birthday today , though it took me many hours to complete it .. so worth it to see the expression on her face.
Blessed Birthday Julie !