Friday, August 8, 2014

Veggie Tales - Jonah

haha .. another sweet heart of mine - little Ezekiel wanted a veggie tales Jonah theme this year for his 4th birthday cake to celebrate in school 
It's an oreo butter cake within and glad that sis Kum Angel told me that he likes the design.
the little handsome birthday boy Ezekiel!!! hahaha he received a kiss from the gal next to him and he was so shy that he quickly wiped his face after that .. just too cute!
so happy to know that he and the class & teacher love the cake 
Blessed Birthday Ezekiel darling !


Little Rachel had finally decided on the Frozen theme!
It's so popular but I've never watch it before but I really enjoyed making this theme 
Glad to know that she loves the cake 
Blessed Birthday my little sweetie !

This is so rewarding to see the little kids enjoying the cake and of course .. especially love to see Rachel's happy face 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Potato Chip Cake

An impromptu suggestion by Mike to bake a cake to bless bro Allan Lee on his birthday, as we will be going to learn to make belgian praline chocolate at Baking Studio.

Knowing that he really likes to try out special flavoured snacks, I decided to make him a Japanese Party Pizza potato chip cake. So glad that he liked the look but got to hear from him whether he enjoys the tiramisu cake within.

Pizza cake

made a mini pizza cake while Aleo was at home playing pc game with his classmate, got to be very fast as I was worried that he will come out from the room.

Also made his fav tiramisu early in the morning for his birthday snack 

Blessed 16th birthday to my super cute and lovely son, may our Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that you asked of Him according to Hispower that works in us. Continue to shine for Him. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

Medicine Pill Bottle Cake

a belated b'day celebration for Mike's Altar Team leader, Andrew Chow Wen Hann after 1st svc in church.
I was inspired to carve a medicine pill bottle bible cake design I saw online and chose the scriptures, Prov. 4:22 and Mat. 19:14 as bro Wen Hann is a doctor.

Noah's Ark

1 of my fav theme - Noah's Ark for Ps Andrew Yeo & sis Lynette Yeo's twins, Matthew & Elianna's 1st Birthday cake