Saturday, July 19, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

Sherryn wanted a strawberry shortcake theme cake for her little girl, and am so glad that she left the design to me :D

Praise God that I've managed to find some nice designs to mix and match them to get this ..

Another moist chocolate cake, but this time it's a 10" cake, so initially was quite worried that the space was too 'open' .. heeeeee



karlsfoodie said...

I want to stay in the strawberry house!!!!!

Kellie said...

Jo, you are most welcome .. stay as long as you like ..hahaha

bakeAstory said...

what a great looking cake! is the strawberry house also cake?

Kellie said...

Hi Bakeastory,

Thanks .. :D

The house is a fondant house .. heeee ..

God bless,

Julie said...

Hi, are you still open to orders? am interested in this for my daughter's 5th birtday on 15 May.

Kellie said...

Hi Julie, thanks so much for your enquiry but I'm not taking in new orders yet :D