Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sweetie Farm Cake - Pets & Bears

Lena wanted a 'Sweetie Farm' theme but wanted to have her 5 pets and 3 bears that her daughter loves to be in the cake. Oh ... oh ... oh ... the animals were really not easy to mould, the black & white cat alone - I've moulded it again and again .. for about 5 hours until I nearly burst into tears - so I prayed .. and rested before trying again ., although it still didn't resemble the cat, but I guess .. it did look like a cat .. heeeee.. Praise God!

This is another 6" x 9" Moist Chocolate Cake :D



1 comment:

Maya Yunos said...

Wow. You are really talented. Ur cakes just so pretty! Keep up E good work :)