Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wedding Cake

Hamilyn didn't want a normal wedding cake but something special, she saw a cake design and like it as it could bring a 'WOW" effect. , but ... .... this cake really stressed me out !!!

I didn't dare to take in other orders as I want to have full concentration to create this as it's so important to a newly wed couple .. worked from morning till late night, and even start to
do the final touch this morning .. can imagine how stressful I was ??? hahahahaha

This is a very very big cake which comprised of 3 x ( 7" x 10" ) rectangular cake and 1 x 8" round cake, it was so heavy that needs 2 strong men to carry it :D :D :D

She also requested me to tie a nice ribbon for the knife, but I am not so good in doing these kind of craft, but requested my buddy whom is also the bride's close friend to do for me .. heeeeee, Carol is very good in handcraft things .. will link her blog to show her creative products when she is ready :D


The sides and back view of the cake :


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