Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garden theme with Butterfly - Megan

Geraldine wanted a garden theme for her little darling - Megan, but she wanted to have the top tier to be pink base with white polka dots which is the same as the invite's.

Initially the cake was just a 8"+10", but she emailed me later to inform me that the guest list increased, so I suggested to have a 3 tier instead , then we can have the 2-tier garden theme with the highest tier to have the sweet pink polka dot design with a Big Butterfly as requested.

The cake was really heavy with fondant covering it, it weighted about 6.6kg.

A 6"+8"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.
It's so nice of Geraldine to send this photo taken by her professional camera man .., the cake
looks so so so nice .. thanks so much dear !! :D


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mice Cake for Cayden

Li Ee wanted to have a cake with little mice for her precious darling - Cayden ., she didn't request for anything much - except a boy, mice and cheese bits.

Initally I wanted to do a normal 2 tier cake for her, but .. if I make the top tier to look like a cheese .. what should I put the 'cheese' on to ?

Then I remember I saw the milk carton cake before .. so I used 2 x 4" square cake pan which is equivalent to a 6" round cake to shape it like it, then bottom tier will shape like a cheese :

A ( 2 x 4 sq cake pans ) and a 9" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Farm animal cake for Ryan

Cheryl likes the cake that I made for Ryan in Jan, but hers is a single tier - so I made a little tub to put the duckies , the rest of the figurines also shrunk to the size that can fit on the 8" cake. :D

A 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Precious Moment Cake - Karine

Mavis Tay wanted a PM theme for her little gal, Karine's 2nd Birthday .. I like this theme .. so sweet looking :D

A 6" Moist Chocolate Cake


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Barney & Frenz - Anastasia

This is a special cake for little Anastasia whom loves Barney, mummy Doreen told me that Anastasia was not well since 1st day of CNY and did not really enjoyed the festival so mummy wished to make up for her by throwing a party to cheer her up.
Yesterday when I was about to decorate the cake, Doreen told me that she was down with high fever again .. I felt the heart pain for both parents and baby .. so in order to really cheer her up , I spent a lot of time decorating the cake and all is worth when I saw her smiling and clapping her
little hands when she saw the cake . Praise God !
A 6" + 9" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Elise's cheerful animals cake

Sharon Yio wanted to have a cake with her little sweetie - Elise with her favourite 'Star' .. with colourful picture books around her , both will be going out for a picnic trip.

Bottom tier will be a farm garden with some playful but cheeful animals.

A 6" + 10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


21st Birthday Cake for Crystal

Clara Ow wanted to order a 21st birthday cake for her sis, Crystal - she likes the cake design to be same as the Precious Moment Cake I made for little Eve, but instead of the PM figurines, she requested me to mould a key on the top tier.

A 6" + 10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Pooh in Honeypot Garden - Aidan

Angeline likes to have a pooh theme for little Aidan's 1st birthday cake .. she didn't requested for any specific design, but she likes the honeypot design ..

6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thomas train cake for Joshua

Doreen asked for Thomas and his friends theme for her little darling - Joshua , initially wanted to put the friends on the cake board .. but the design will be quite plain .. so decided to have this design instead :D

So glad that little Joshua likes the cake ;)

A 10" moist chocolate cake.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Noah's Ark for darling Joshua

Little Joshua is one of Aloysius' favourite babies in our church, he is also our dearest friend - Angel's baby whom turned 1 last month. The celebration was held in KL, we did felt a bit disappointed for not being able to bake and decorate a big and nice one for him, but it was indeed sweet enough to be able to bless little Joshua with this cake together with his parents in church yesterday

"Father Lord, I pray that little Joshua grow and became strong in spirit. May You protect this little boy and direct him from above, and to guide him through the years ahead with Your everlasting love." - Amen!