Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dibo the Gift Dragon cake for little Gretchen

I was so surprised to receive Pst Isaiah's call last week that he found out that I can bake children's cakes when he chanced upon the website to look for a Dibo or Barney's theme cake for his precious little Gretchen's 2nd Birthday cake.
He didn't request for any designs and I started happily looking around to try to find out more about this Dibo .. but there isn't much info on this cartoon for me to refer to, so I can only base on very limited pictures to come out with this design but was glad to know that he likes the cake and little Gretchen was very excited when she saw it :D


Susanti said...

Wow it's so great. We love your cake creation. Can we order from you?how can we contact you, Kellie?

Kellie said...

Oh Susanti, so sorry for my late reply .. thanks so much for your kind words but I'm not taking in new orders this year as I need to spend more time with my youngest boy to prepare for his PSLE.