Friday, December 19, 2014

Xue Mei's 18th birthday cake

My sweetie Xue turned 18 and I was so happy to be able to bake and design a cake specially to bless her on that day because she is so so so special  , she requested for the colour theme to be Red, Black, Gold & White with a touch of Oriental feel .. 

She happily collected it in the afternoon, but cake horror began ... received call from Xue that the No. "1" cracked, the melting black and red fondant, cracks appearing! The Wilton fondant yielded to the highly humid weather! I knew that my sweetie was very stressed and upset so I asked Mike to pick up the cake and bring back so that I might salvage it ( It was already nearly 5pm). .. We took down and peeled off the fondant from the 3 cakes, clean up all the melted mess and covered with new fondant to give it a new look 


MY SWEETIE FINALLY ABLE TO CELEBRATE HER 18TH BIRTHDAY WITH A CAKE! I was so pleased with the totally different look and surprised myself to have it done within 2 1/2 hour .. of course, with the help from my dearest dear2 
Credit of both photos edited by my dearest niece

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