Saturday, May 17, 2008

This birthday cake is for ... errrrrrrrrrr ... who?

My sis-in-law called on Tuesday, she invited us to a birthday dinner, as all her males' birthdays at home are very near to each other, rather .. Sam and Daryl shared the same birthday, Brandon whom is the youngest is 5 days away from them.

Previously, she will 'announced' that the birthday celebration was Daryl's. ,, I guess lately Brandon had been telling her that why everytime the leading character is always his eldest brother's .. so this year, she wants to make known that it's for Brandon's celebration.

And, Gaye shared the same birthday as Sam and Daryl .. and she has already became part of the big family .. so .... here's my cake specially designed for the 4 of them .. It's a passionfruit creamcheese cake with passionfruit filling sandwiched within.

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