Sunday, January 4, 2009

Burger Boy for Previn

Our dear church friends, Daniel & Angie asked if I could bake a cake for their youngest son - Previn whom is also our sons' close friend in church, they are one of those whom I will try not to disspoint them .. so happily I agreed :D

Previn didn't request any designs which really made me headache .. hahahahaha !! , only request was - the cake must be coffee flavour !!

I had been thinking for days on the design until we went to buy burgers from MOS burger and saw the hp strap .. yes !! Burger Cake !

Initially I wanted to make the burger as per MOS' hp strap .. but I had been eyeing on Su's burger cake for so long .. finally - heeeeeeeeeee ., I have the chance to try to make one .. yeah !!

End result was - I saw Previn carrying his cake with a broad smile on his face and a sms message from him that the cake was very nice .., it was a relief to me as Angie told me that he has a 'fussy' tastebud .. hahahahaha

A 6" cake base and 3 x 4" cake pans to make the burger boy ( Coffee Butter Cake )

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