Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Combined Birthday Cake

My hubby - Mike and 2 of his colleagues' birthday are in January, both are also in their prayer group ... so when he asked if I could bake them a cake to bless all , although it's another last minute arrangement - - - - - - - hmmmmmmmmmmmm .. well ..... I'll still have to do it, .. hahaha

Mike is a more serious person so I 'dare' not mould anything not relevant or anything too kiddish, after doing some research - I've settled down with this design because I don't have much time to decorate and mould., feedback from his colleagues that they like the design as it was simple and nice .. they love the cake too , Praise the Lord!

Mike had actually wanted me to write ( Gal. 6:9 ) on the little bible but it was too long, so he had to give me another verse which was ( John 14:14 ) ' If you ask anything in My name, I will do it ' ..

I pray for a year of growth and wisdom and deep fulfillment and thank God for the way Michael, Mary and Jasmine to enrich the lives of others through all you do and say .. Amen!

It's a 6" Strawberry Butter Cake.



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