Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mickey Mouse for little Izz Ilan Hazique

Siti Aisyah requested for a red, black, yellow and blue mickey mouse theme and with a mixture of some of the designs she picked from my previous creations .. here is the cake that I did for her little precious prince - Izz Ilan Hazique's 1st Birthday cake :D


Anonymous said...


May I know for this how you pile up the three layers of cakes? Coz i tried to do one for my girl but ended up the bottom sunk and the middle one leaned backward. I inserted four dowels onto the middle cake. Thanks!

Kellie said...

Hi Anonymous,

Did you put a cake board underneath the 2 cakes?

Hanaisyah said...

Hie, the cake was delicious and love the design outcome of the cake too! Thanks a million!

Kellie said...

Hi Siti Aisyah, I'm really happy to know that you like the cake :D, thanks so much too ;)

Blessings with love,