Monday, October 26, 2009

A sweet Pooh & Minnie cake for little Kaelyn

Huey Shan likes Isabelle's pooh cake design and she wanted something similar to it, except to add a Minnie with little pigs on the cake, for her little darling princess - Kaelyn's 1st Birthday.

Little Gwyneth's pooh cake

Li Shun had originally wanted to have PM theme for her princess Gwyneth's 1st birthday but her little one prefers the pooh cakes that I've done .. so she requested for a bright and cheerful pooh theme instead ;D and was so happy to know that she loves it :D :D

Mickey theme for little Fabius

Stephanie likes the cake which I made Mervin except she wanted Mickey to be in the train cabin and a little baby boy on top tier and she also requested to have little mickey heads
popping out from Fabius' name which made need to squint my eyes to make them .. not easy neh!

Pooh cake for little Eason

Doreen wanted a cheery Pooh theme for her little Eason's 2nd Birthday cake and leave the design to me and was really enjoyed making them .. and I was really happy to know that they love it, especially the little birthday boy :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Gail's Little Twin Stars

I had a new character theme to work on for Juliet's little princess - Gail's 2nd Birthday cake .. totally not much clue on this theme so need a lot of reseaching to find out more about them, but fun though :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Meagan's Polar Bears

Pau Ling told me that little Meagan loves to bathe, so she specially requested for a baby gal to sit in the bath tub with some of her favourite polar bear toys and 2 cute mushroom people in a garden environment ... for her 1st Birthday cake.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starry cake

Thank God for His grace and mercy .. I was having fever on Wednesday , when my Aleo knew about it .. he quickly prayed over me that I will be able to recover just in time to bake my cakes .. It's all His timing and arrangement that I didn't have many orders this week, so I still can enjoyed while doing them ... and only when I've finished this last order .. oh my !!! I was not well again , guess I really need some rest ..

EeVon sketched the design and colour that she wanted for her little prince - Xayvion's 2nd Birthday cake, but she allowed me to add something to liven up the cake a little .. so I added a stream hoping to have a shooting star effect and made some faces for the bigger white stars and added a little boy to place on the top tier.

Princess Cake for little Kayla

Jaslyn wanted to have a princess tiara theme for her little princess-Kayla's 1st birthday cake, she wanted something similar to the one I made but with an addition of a princess figurine on it :D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Chloe's Precious Moment

Ivy requested her PM cake for her little precious princess Chloe to have a fence with her baby's name on it, I just blend in colour and design to match the figurines she brought to make it as lovely as possible, love to see her expression when she saw the cake .. heeeeeee .. :D

Jungle theme for Ryan

Ryan loves jungle animals so mummy Esther wanted to have this theme for his 5th Birthday cake :D

Pooh garden cake for little Ervin

Yen Ling wanted to have a Pooh Garden theme for her little darling Ervin on his 1st birthday cake :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Eve's twinkle twinkle little star :D

Time flies and Eve is 2 today, I remember her so clearly because she is the first PM order that I've done .. Hui Lik told me that she loves the moon, the sun and the stars and requested for stars in her room and she will sing 'You are my Sunshine' everyday and really happy to see the moon, star and sun..., so instead of cartoon characters .. Hui Lik wanted to have a theme related to this for Eve's 2nd Birthday cake.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Kaelyn's 1st Sesame Street Cake

A colourful sesame street theme cake for Kristy's princess - Kaelyn's 1st birthday cake, she didn't have any special design but just wanted Elmo to be the star.

Little Cheralynn's Cinderella Castle Cake

Wendy Yeo wanted a sweet blue Cinderella castle cake for her princess Cheralynn's 1st birthday cake :)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse garden cake for little Kyden

Yvonne wanted a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse garden theme for her darling Kyden's 1st Birthday cake :D

All figurines were provided by Yvonne :D

Mickey Mouse for little Izz Ilan Hazique

Siti Aisyah requested for a red, black, yellow and blue mickey mouse theme and with a mixture of some of the designs she picked from my previous creations .. here is the cake that I did for her little precious prince - Izz Ilan Hazique's 1st Birthday cake :D

Pooh & Miffy

When Shavon told me that this is the first time she will be celebrating her birthday with her baby which she had been trying after many years of marriage .. I felt so happy for her and decided to add the 3 miffy rabbits as requested instead of 3 normal rabbits with Pooh and Eeyore .. just to share her joy and really hope that I did :)