Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Ian with Mickey & Minnie's Castle cake

I've been lagging in my cake posting .. was I too busy or my passion is dying off ??? hahahahhaa ... both lah

I shouldn't have accepted this order but when Cindy emailed to me that she tried several bakers but was rejected, I've somehow felt a mummy's heart as she wanted to have a memorable 1st Birthday for little Ian .. so I accepted! Hubby was surprised to see me still getting busy during CNY which I also felt bad about it .., and I told myself .. cannot accept orders during CNY period from next year onwards .. hahahhahahaa .. then I will be able to open house for my dearest friends for gatherings.

Cindy emailed several cake designs, she made some requests and left the design to me to decide so to have a 'wow' effect for little Ian's cake.

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