Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nathanael is ONE!

I'm so thankful for Chwee Leng for her nice comments and feedback through sms on the cake I've made for little Nat's 1st Birthday cake, I made 3 cakes for her in last March and one of which was Nathanael's full month cake.

Chwee Leng told me that Charlene wanted to have a Mickey Mouse theme for her little brother's 1st Birthday cake, she didn't have any preference and left the design totally to me.


Zaakh said...

Hi your cakes are well designed and finish is fantastic. Can i have your contact as i need to order a cake especially the barney one. You can also sms me your contact to 81899444. hope to hear from you soon.

Kellie said...

Hi Zaakh, so thankful for your nice comments and interest in my cakes :D

I'm so sorry that I am not taking in new orders for this year as I need to spend more time with my youngest boy to prepare for his PSLE :)


Zaakh said...

Hi Kellie,

I understand your situation. thanks for the fast response.

Sorry but do you know anyone who does cakes this way. the big cake shops are not accepting customized order. Since my son likes barney thought of doing it for his Bday. Anyway you can help me?

Also any place i can cake topper decoration.


Kellie said...

Hi Ali, have you tried Gladcake?

Zaakh said...

Thank you so much for your recommendation. But i think my son is bit unfortunate as she has also mentioned that she is slowing down on orders and she is accepting orders march and april.

Real bad luck, dont know where to check next.

Thank you so much for your support.