Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nathanael is ONE!

I'm so thankful for Chwee Leng for her nice comments and feedback through sms on the cake I've made for little Nat's 1st Birthday cake, I made 3 cakes for her in last March and one of which was Nathanael's full month cake.

Chwee Leng told me that Charlene wanted to have a Mickey Mouse theme for her little brother's 1st Birthday cake, she didn't have any preference and left the design totally to me.

Snow Prince's cake

This is Kim's 2nd order and this time is for one of her 'babies' - Snow Prince's 6th birthday cake. Normally I don't do sponge cakes because I can't do detailed designs but made it exceptional for her as she just leave the design to me.

See how cute and adorable are Kim's precious 6? They really made me feeling like having one for my family, my Aloysius will be jumping for joy .. hahahahahha .. thanks so much Kim for sending this photo to me .. you are always so sweet and kind to me .. muacks !!!

Little Ryan's Thomas cake

Chery is back to order little Ryan's 2nd Birthday cake, this time she wanted a Thomas theme and requested to have some cute little animals as Ryan loves them.

Baby Ian with Mickey & Minnie's Castle cake

I've been lagging in my cake posting .. was I too busy or my passion is dying off ??? hahahahhaa ... both lah

I shouldn't have accepted this order but when Cindy emailed to me that she tried several bakers but was rejected, I've somehow felt a mummy's heart as she wanted to have a memorable 1st Birthday for little Ian .. so I accepted! Hubby was surprised to see me still getting busy during CNY which I also felt bad about it .., and I told myself .. cannot accept orders during CNY period from next year onwards .. hahahhahahaa .. then I will be able to open house for my dearest friends for gatherings.

Cindy emailed several cake designs, she made some requests and left the design to me to decide so to have a 'wow' effect for little Ian's cake.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Japanese Fellowship Gathering

We opened our house on the 2nd day of CNY to the Japanese Fellowship that Mike is serving in our church. It was such a blessing and wonderful to have them with us to have a feel of CNY in Singapore., and oh yes .. I made another 9 smaller containers of cookies as a gift for them and we felt so glad that they were so happy and surprised to receive them.

Blessed Chinese New Year

I've made 3 sets of cookies for my mum, mum-in-law and eldest sis-in law consisted of Pineapple Tarts, Almond Cookies, Kuih Bangkit, Butter Cookies, All Berries Nutty Choco Chip Cookies and Peanut Cookies.

A baby Sesame theme cake for little Belvis

Irene Chu wanted to have a baby Sesame theme cake for little Belvis' 1st Birthday cake.
All the characters and ideas were from her as she took the effort to email various cakes that I've made and I just mould the figuirines to try to position & follow exactly what she required to be placed on the cake .. thanks so much Irene :D

Little Sophia's 1st Birthday Cake

So sorry for my late posting, had been very busy in making CNY cookies for my families and some church friends .. and spring cleaning was the most tedious job ever .. hahahahahaaaa !

Little Sophia's 1st Birthday cake was done in early Feb but I can hardly find time to post it on my blog, I'm so honoured and glad to be able to bake a cake for Barbara's little princess with their favourite pet pug - Charlotta as they moved to Singapore almost 2 years ago .. and was really glad to know that they love it :D