Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dino cake

Cherie told me that Ryan wanted a dino cake for his 3rd birthday this year, she didn't have much requirements so I thought .. hmmmmm ... should be quite a fun theme .. this dino top tier was inspired by Debbie Brown's design and I've been wanting to make this cake for quite some time . ..., however .. dear Cherie gave me a real shock when she appeared at my doorstep on saturday for her cake :O

Oh my! I was trembling from head to toe as I thought I've made a blunder!!
Then we realised that she gave me the wrong date .. I really have to thank God that I've done the top tier first so .. told her to come back in an hour & 15 mins' time to collect .. I rushed rushed rushed .. and rushed to complete the cake ... phew - I broke my own record, I can never finish decorating a cake within such short time!!

After that, I was totally exhausted !!! Thankfully, that she likes the cake despite I didn't have much time to give her more details :D

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