Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Carabelle's apple cake

Christine had been communicating with me since last July on the design for little Carabelle's 1st birthday cake, her requirements were listed :
The background we are thinking of a pasture of green with some trees with the following characters:
- an apple hse (coz my ger likes the 啪啪手,吃平果 song)
- a worm (she like to wriggle like one)
- an ant (the day she steps into my mum's plc, ants always appear within the hse)
- a bee and butterfly (coz she always '招蜂引蝶' into my mum's plc)
- a calf (she's born in the year of Cow)
- a pot of Caramel (her name is Carabelle, which if mispronounces, sounds like Caramel)
- some flowers

However, I've changed the house to an apple with a cute face because since her hubby wanted the calf to have a comical position, so I thought that he might like this idea :D , and am really happy that they really like the design :)

Blessed Birthday .. sweet and pretty little Princess Carabelle :D

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