Thursday, February 3, 2011

CNY cake for mum

Wishing everyone .. 新年快乐,万事有主- Blessed Chinese New Year !!!

I made 2 different buckets this year, one with real cake which was meant for mil and this one was a dummy cake topper but both were equally as big .. I asked my buddy when she came to my house to see which is real .. and she had to carefully examine before she could tell the diffference .. hahahahahahaha

Love how they turned out ... we are not looking forward to earthly wealth but just love how those gold ingots look like with faces, so decided to make them so they will have their own unique characters .. heeeeeeee ... Mae2 was so happy when she saw me posted in my FB because she will be able to keep it to be part of her collections again :D
Bottom cake was my dearest youngest sis' favourite - Lemon Buttercake with Lemon Glaze :)

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