Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shayne's 21st Birthday cake

When Shayne emailed to request me to bake and design a cake for her 21st birthday, I could feel her excitement when she went through my blog to search for a design that suits her character and hobbies :D

She told me that she loves the cake that I designed for Ser Han , but replaced the little gal figurine to her childhood buddies - "pangpang", her bear of 5 years as well as "daidai", the toy boy which was her 3rd birthday present from her eldest sister, leaning towards each other holding her 21st key.

She also requested to add normal white bowling pins to the cute muscial notes as singing and bowling are her greatest passion .. plus a little horsey on the cake board :D

Blessed 21st birthday Shayne, so nice meeting up with you and really enjoyed decorating your cake :D God bless!


GMX said...

Thanks so much Kellie! The cake's awesome! Looks and taste great;)

I had a wonderful celebration with the cake!


Kellie said...

Hi Shayne, thanks so much too and am so glad that you like it .. God bless!

Luv, Kellie