Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fairy ( in progress ) .... add on

Just completed the little fairy, as the main topper on a Black Forest Cake .. but today's weather .. hmmmmmmmmmm.,not a day for sugar paste work neh !!! :(


other little things to accompany her are all on the way, hoping that these will make the little birthday gal happy ..

Have these little thingy done ..




Glad said...

Fully agree that weather is not very favourable.... looking at the cake topper, I'm sure you will receive a BIG smile from the recipient. Is the toadstool from sugar paste also...? if yes, it's huge and will surely take long time to dry. Bravo for the great work!

Kellie said...

Hi glad, so nice to see you here .. this is the 2nd hairstyle i made for her .. 1st one was too heavy .. and new legs too , they cracked . ..sigh!

toadstool - i cheated .. ! hahaha, it will be too heavy if the whole thing is sugar paste, the blackforest cake will surely being badly pressed .. so now it's much lightly as i use those microwavable container to hold the shape .. ;)

Blury can cook & Bake said...

They are lovely! I'm sure it be a BIG bright smile.

Glad said...

Huh, you also have this 'cracked' problem... wonder why?

So clever of you to find alternative, another one you may want to consider is to use styrofoam which is very light too :)

It's raining again.... my heart sinks when seeing rain after I've mould figurines :(

Kellie said...

Yes .. heartbroken when seeing these cracked surfaces .. sank!!

where did you find these 'funny' shaped styrofoam ?

yup, i am worrying about the figurines now .. :( :(

karlsfoodie said...

lovely fairys...