Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teachers' Day Cake

My youngest son told me .. 'Mum, don't take orders on the week that I want you to bake a cake for my teacher' .. and I've to keep asking him for his classmates' names and the reason why he wanted the cake so early .. it's not Teachers' Day yet ... leh!
Finally, he came back with the name list only on Monday, 40 of them ... ok ! so I need to make 40 pencils .., AND .. he said .. we need the cake on Wednesday because no school on Thu and Fri - there is PSLE oral on these 2 days.
Reason why they decided to celebrate and surprise Ms Koh in advance was because - they will be doing a project next week, each group needs to do presentation so they all want to prepare for the materials and to have a relaxed mind with not much distraction ... so now I understand lor .. hahahahahaha
According to Aleo .. Ms Koh is a PE teacher, she always tie a pony tail, PE attire .. she teaches them Math and English too .. so I need to mould 'a' Ms Koh according to what he described.
Then when I make the pencils .. I specially drew a stick-man which is his favourite .. but he requested me to draw another stick-man for his buddy, Arshad .. heeeee .. not that because he wanted his name to stand up among others but simply .. he loves stickman .. hahahahaha

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