Monday, August 31, 2009

Teachers' Day Cuppies

Yesterday when we were on our way back home from our church, my second son - Aloysius told me he will be going back to his Primary School (Geylang Methodhist School Primary) to meet up with his old classmates to pay a visit to their P6 form teacher today.

So I suggested to make cuppies to show our appreciation to them, special thanks to 2 ladies - Ms Tong and our church friend Wai Leng.

Ms Tong led us to Christ and she is a very very nice, gentle and caring teacher, it's not coincidence that she taught all our three boys during their P1 & P2 as we believe that it's HIS divine arrangement., and we felt so close to her in our hearts.

Wai Leng was once a teacher but she gave up her job once she was called to serve the Lord in our church. Aloysius failed his Maths in Prelim exam even having tution during that period which worried me quite a bit, after words came to Wai Leng that he wasn't doing well in Maths and despite her busy schedules in church and mission trips .. although she hardly have time to give tution to anyone but one day during one of her prayer time, she heard from the Lord to ask her to help Aloysius.

Praise God that ever since, through Wai Leng's patience and guidance in teaching Aloysius last year just about 1 month before PSLE, he improved tremendously and is now able to understand much much better in this subject, we can't thank our Lord enough for these 2 great teachers but just something simple to show our appreciation and love to them :D


mendy said...

Hi, I love the designs of all your cakes and cupcakes. How much is one cupcake? I would like to order some for teachers' day.

Kellie said...

Hi Mendy, thanks so much for your enquiries but so sorry that I'm not taking in new orders for this year.