Monday, August 31, 2009

Teachers' Day Cuppies

Yesterday when we were on our way back home from our church, my second son - Aloysius told me he will be going back to his Primary School (Geylang Methodhist School Primary) to meet up with his old classmates to pay a visit to their P6 form teacher today.

So I suggested to make cuppies to show our appreciation to them, special thanks to 2 ladies - Ms Tong and our church friend Wai Leng.

Ms Tong led us to Christ and she is a very very nice, gentle and caring teacher, it's not coincidence that she taught all our three boys during their P1 & P2 as we believe that it's HIS divine arrangement., and we felt so close to her in our hearts.

Wai Leng was once a teacher but she gave up her job once she was called to serve the Lord in our church. Aloysius failed his Maths in Prelim exam even having tution during that period which worried me quite a bit, after words came to Wai Leng that he wasn't doing well in Maths and despite her busy schedules in church and mission trips .. although she hardly have time to give tution to anyone but one day during one of her prayer time, she heard from the Lord to ask her to help Aloysius.

Praise God that ever since, through Wai Leng's patience and guidance in teaching Aloysius last year just about 1 month before PSLE, he improved tremendously and is now able to understand much much better in this subject, we can't thank our Lord enough for these 2 great teachers but just something simple to show our appreciation and love to them :D

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cute Animal cake for little Kieran

Li May likes the cake I did for little Ryan , and she wanted a similar design for her little precious prince - Kieran's 1st Birthday cake, although this is a much smaller version but I find that it looks very cute and cheerful .. heeeeeee :D
So thankful for Li May to share this photo with me and really love to see little Kieren's face expression, mummy said that she couldn't let him sit still just to take pic with the cake as he was already in charging position at the cake the moment she let go of him .. hahahahahhaha , he is so cute :D

Little QiJie's Pooh cake

Jacelyn requested for a Pooh design something similar to the one I made for Zayden and I'm glad that cake turns out pretty nice

I'm so grateful to Jacelyn to allow me to share their family photo taken with my cake in my blog :D .. especially love to see little Qi Jie smiling so happily infront of the cake ..

My Melody for little Renise

Wendi's original idea for little Renise's 1st My Melody Birthday cake was to have a similar design as little Ivory's, but after I've done some research on this theme .. I was too bold to change the top tier to a giant cupcake but Praise God that it turned out nice .. hahahahaha and am really glad that she didn't mind that I've made the changes and she was happy with it, and that really made my day ;), thanks so much Wendi !

Cinderella's castle cake for little Cleantha

Cleantha really loves castles, the previous cake that I've made for her last year was a simplier one, Trica told me that she is now into Cinderella and so she wanted to have this design for her 4th Birthday celebration :)

Little Janelle's Precious Moment Cake II

I am indeed so blessed to be able to make the 2nd cake for little Janelle, and mummy Sherrifer has only requested for the colour for the theme and she gave me so much 'freedom' on her precious princess' cakes :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kyan's Baby Einstein cake

A baby einstein theme for Jess' little prince - Kyan on an animal farm setting. Caterpillar candle was provided by mummy ;D

Moulding of the puppets are not easy job, they took me quite some time to get them right, almost one whole day just to do the three of them, but quite pleased with how they turned out ..

Little Janelle's Precious Moment Cake 1

Sherrifer wanted a pink and white theme for her little precious princess - Janelle's first 1st birthday cake.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SIA Pilot Daddy

It's so sweet of Sabrina to surprise her pilot hubby with a pilot theme cake, this will be the 1st birthday cake that daddy will be receiving from their little Brandon.

Teachers' Day Cake

My youngest son told me .. 'Mum, don't take orders on the week that I want you to bake a cake for my teacher' .. and I've to keep asking him for his classmates' names and the reason why he wanted the cake so early .. it's not Teachers' Day yet ... leh!
Finally, he came back with the name list only on Monday, 40 of them ... ok ! so I need to make 40 pencils .., AND .. he said .. we need the cake on Wednesday because no school on Thu and Fri - there is PSLE oral on these 2 days.
Reason why they decided to celebrate and surprise Ms Koh in advance was because - they will be doing a project next week, each group needs to do presentation so they all want to prepare for the materials and to have a relaxed mind with not much distraction ... so now I understand lor .. hahahahahaha
According to Aleo .. Ms Koh is a PE teacher, she always tie a pony tail, PE attire .. she teaches them Math and English too .. so I need to mould 'a' Ms Koh according to what he described.
Then when I make the pencils .. I specially drew a stick-man which is his favourite .. but he requested me to draw another stick-man for his buddy, Arshad .. heeeee .. not that because he wanted his name to stand up among others but simply .. he loves stickman .. hahahahaha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Prince

Joey Woo wanted a sweet Prince theme for her little prince - Marcellus' 1st Birthday cake, she emailed the little crown pictures to show me that she wanted them to paste on the cake side and just leave the design to me .. hmmmmm.. I really love how it turned out to be ... Thank God !!
The candle was provided by her :D

Jenny wanted a sweet Pooh theme for her litle princess - Chloe's 1st Birthday cake .. she likes the cake that I made for little Ashlyn and requested to include the cute mushroom people and a big No. 1 candle as Eunicia's ..

Barney and Friends for Bernice

Tricia told me that Barney & friends, Elmo and Dora are Bernice's favourite charaters since she was a baby till now, and they decided to have a lovely cake to reward her being such a sweet and loving sister to her baby brother.

Barney Castle

Carol Khor wanted a sweet pink castle theme for Bernice's Barney cake.

Baby's full month cake

A sweet 1st month baby theme cake for Su Ling's little darling - Nathan.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thomas for little Shane

Esther Ho wanted a similar design as Isaac's cake, specially for her little darling - Shane's 2nd Birthday cake.

Sesame Beginning Cake for little Izabella

Laverne wanted a baby sesame theme for her little Izabella's 1st Birthday, maybe I was really too stressful over last week's orders, I just didn't have the mood to mould them but only managed to have them all moulded and assembled on the day itself and took my so many hours to drag myself to complete the cake. I really hope that my passion won't die off so soon .. hahahahaha .........