Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cookie Monster with Duckies & Piggies

Lilian likes this cake design but wanted it to be more colourful and brighter for Krissa's 3rd cake, and requested to have Cookie Monster to join the group of playful duckies and piggies as it is one of our birthday gal's favourite character ( Star candles and animal head candles were provided by customer ).
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Germaine said...

hi dear.. u make such wonderful cakes.. im aware tt due to commitments, u wont be taking in orders for the time being.. hwoever would really appreciate if u can help. pls contact me at germaine.hs@gmail.com

Kellie said...

Hi Germaine, thanks so much for your compliments on my cakes and enquiry :)

I'm very sorry but I will not be able take in orders, maybe only after my boy's PSLE, so sorry :(

Thank you,