Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Valerie & Kenneth's cakes

I made another sweet theme cake .. this time is for my loyal customer - Christy's daughter's 7th Birthday cake, she again leaves the design to me and I always have no stress in making cakes for her :D

Christy also requested to have a Spongebob for Kenneth because he always cant get a cake from me as his birthday falls in June which I can't make it if we have church camp., so I made a mini burger cake with SB sitting on it specially for this handsome little boy.

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christineonglc said...

hi kellie, paiseh, dunno if i did mention tat the cake is for my ger whose bday is next yr feb 1st.

kindly let me know if i can contact u for enquiries.


Kellie said...

Hi Christine,

Nope :) you didn't mention but I guess next Feb should be ok if it's not near to CNY, you may email to me - ai-mummy@hotmail.com,
but I will be busy today and will reply you asap.

Thank you