Saturday, July 3, 2010

A sweet cake theme for Christy

This was another unexpected order which I made last Thursday :) .. Aleo's cell leader sms me to ask if I can help to bake a cupcake for a little gal in her cell, but instead of making a cupcake, I made a mini cake for her.. haaaa.. I was supposed to rest last week, but since I have time, why not helping her as it is really good to be able to serve God even in such small task :D

I was told that this little gal needs love when I met sis Wai Leng in church later on Sat, and I was really glad to know that she and the little members like this sweet theme birthday cake. The cake design was not from me but was inspired by Andrea whom made a lot of nice cakes :D

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Marianne Chu said...

Hi Kellie, do you teach people how to bake and make icing cake? I understand that you have stopped taking in any new order, I would like to make a lovely sesame street cake for his birthday next month.

Kellie said...

Hi Marianne, so thankful for your enquiry but I'm not able to give lessons at the moment.