Friday, August 6, 2010

Advanced Teacher's Day Cake

My little darling's classmates asked Aleo about 1 or 2 months ago if I can bake a cake for their form teacher - Ms Koh for this year again, knowing that how my little boy wanted to show his love for this nice teacher, of course I will not say 'No' to him :D
However, these kids only confirmed that they want the cake on last Thursday as they do not want to celebrate Teachers' Day so near to their prelim exam, so I had to work on the design and figurine moulding with quite little time given.
Aleo was anxious to know how I was going to design the cake but one request from them was - Ms Koh must hold on to a hockey stick. As this is the last year for them in Primary School, so I've decided to make each of them a personalised cuppy with their names imprinted on the mortar boards, he was happy and satisfied after seeing how the cake and cuppies look like and helped me to make the hockey stick as I broke the earlier one, later he also drew a stickman on the 'blackboard', so .. he did contributed something for his teacher's cake :D

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