Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chef Hat Cake

I've specially made this small cake for my buddy-Carol's hubby whom both are my boys' godparents, I can never thank them enough for loving my boys .. especially their love for my dearest darling Andre, they've been with us throughout all this while :D Alex worked as chef in Japanese restaurant but quit the job just to spend more time with Carol, they are such a loving and kind couple.
I thank God for having such great friends in my life and showered so much love to my boys, I pray for His blessings and mercy in their lives and for their salvation that they will know God in His timing, Amen!

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A toque blanche (French for "white hat"), often shortened to toque, is a tall, round, pleated, starched white hat worn by chefs. The many folds on a toque blanche are believed to signify the many ways that an egg can be cooked.[citation needed] Many toques have exactly 100 pleats.-Wikipedia

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