Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family theme

Pamela and I have been keeping in touch via email since last year that she and her family will be coming back this year from Melbourne for visitation, this will be a surprise birthday party for his dear hubby James and his twin brother John.

She mentioned that she missed the Singapore food very much and will be 'cheong-ing' for the makan sessions once she's touched down .. haaaaaaa... grandma was the one whom brought up the brothers, they love her very much so I placed her highest in the house, Megumi is the japanese wife of John so she was being placed next the brother, of course the short hair lady is Pam herself ... , hope that she and her dear family will like the cake .. Happy Blessed Birthday to the twins and I prayed for journey mercy for you and your family back to Melbourne tomorrow :D

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Farm animal theme

I was really glad that this year I am able to bake for little Guillaume's birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday party, Emilia told me that she and her dear hubby likes to have some farm animals that their little darling likes and would want to have the cake design to be something like this and this :D , but of course .. I did some modifications so that Guillaume can have his own unique cake as Emilia left the design to me ;)

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matilda's VW Beetle cake

Raymond & Rosalind Ho are another very special friends to our family in the church, they kept us in prayers, offered help and showed us so much love during our difficult period. Last year, she had already told me that Maltida might want to celebrate her 21st birthday this year and I glady offered to bake her a cake to bless her with what God has given me.

Ros came to my house 2 weeks ago to confirm that cake that Matilda wished to have, her dream car and the theme to be in hot pink, dark purple and white. I was pretty excited as I've never carve a car cake before and because it's not a paid order, so the stress was not there .. all I need to do was to ask for our Heavenly Father's guidance and wisdom to help me to make it as nice as possible as all I love to see was Matilda's smile when she sees the cake :D
This is a 3 tier cake ( Bottom tiers = 7"+8" square cakes, I've carved the car by using a 6" square cake hence there are some wastage after carving )

Musical Notes cake for Ser Han

Sally and hubby wanted to reward Ser Han for putting in her best effort to sit for her PSLE, hence they had planned a birthday party and requested for a cute muscial note theme for her 12th birthday cake.

Takuro's cake

I made this small cake for hubby to bring to their Japanese Fellowship dinner gathering to bless a young boy whom has just accepted Christ .. to let him feel the love of Christ through us. I am so glad to know that he likes the cake very much, always feel so blessed that I am to bless others with the gift that our heavenly Father has given me. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eve's school bus cake

Made this cake during my boy's PSLE , I have to fulfill this order as Hui Lik booked in advance last year after Eve's 2nd Birthday ... she sms me on Sunday to confirm that she needed the cake on Thursday to bring to Eve's school, but I really wish that she could have inform me as early as 2-3 weeks in advance for me to discuss on the details required and need time to mould figurines and design.
It was really rushing for me as I had terrible migraine during that period but Praise God that I can still manage to complete the cake, she also requested me to bake 8 cuppies for their own mini celebration .. I could have rejected but since she only requested for a Pooh and leave the rest to me to decide, so I agreed to help her :D , however .. it was still worth the effort after seeing the sweet little Eve coming to collect her cake with mummy.

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A simple cake

I made a Pandan & Orange Chiffon in early Oct for hubby to bring to the Japanese Fellowship Service in church, was told by hubby at the very last minute that he also wish to bless one of the Japanese members - Ms Shihoko as it was also her birthday. Although I don't like last minute request, but knowing that my hubby's heart ... :)

I didn't have much time to prepare and think of the design, so woke up very early in the morning to get all things prepared .. and I can only come out with this very simple design and was glad that she liked it :D

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