Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Army theme cake for Keane

April told me that her darling son - Keane whom is 4 today ... is into army stuff, so she wanted to have an Army theme cake to celebrate his 4th Birthday.

I felt that this should be an interesting theme so gladly accepted this order as I do not wish to dissapoint him, so grateful to April that she came back to me again for her 2nd order and really appreciate that she dare to let me to try on this theme .. :D



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Musical Castle for Joie

Josephine told me that Joie has so many ideas for her 8th Birthday cake, and she wanted to have she and 3 other friends playing musical instruments on a castle cake, with she as the main star character playing her favourite guitar.


Cinderella Cake for Charlene

Chwee Leng's 3rd cake order .. a Cinderella theme for little Charlene.


Baby Nathanael

This is Chwee Leng's 2nd cake order but this is for her newborn Nathanael, she didn't have much requirements and just leave the design to me .., I am so thankful for all these wonderful customers that made my cake decorating life so fun , although I still a bit tired but there were no stress when I did all her cakes but only with joy .. Praise God :D


Musical Cake - Steven with Guitar

Chwee Leng emailed to me that she wanted to have 3 cakes, this was for her hubby but it meant to be a surprise to I have to cover the cake when I hand it over to her :D

Steven always worship during their cell group meeting, so she specially requested me to put one the these 2 songs that he likes - 'Wonderful Saviour' & 'How great is our God' on the cake.

I really hope that Steven got the surprise from his dearest wife ;)

Pooh in Garden - Shannon

Dora wanted a 'Pooh in Garden feel' for her little princess-Shannon's 1st Birthday cake, the top tier to be the design as the cake I made for little Briana.

I'm glad that Dora likes the design but it broke my heart when she called me telling me that the
cake side cracked :( .., it cracked a bit when I passed the cake to her which I suspected that I've been moving it too often after covered with fondant, partly could be the weather (?) .. however, I will have to be extra careful in future to make sure it will not happen again by ensuring the the cake must be levelled and not tilted at all times ... [ sad sad sad ... :( ]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A sweet Pooh and friends train - Summer

Little Summer will be celebrating her 1st Birthday and Daddy Shawn wanted a sweet pink based cake with Pooh and friends on train carriages, with Piglet holding a candle on top tier.

A 6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake



Mickey & Minnie - Laasya

I was having some gastric discomfort on Saturday morning about 3am .. it was so bad until I couldn't sleep so got to wake up to start preparing for baking, seldom and hardly has gastric pain so I don't know if it's the pain or if it's just the bloated feeling .. (?) , wanted throw out but couldn't, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do the cakes but no way I can stop .. so I just told our Lord to ease the discomfort and let me finish with the cakes.

It's God's mercy .. that though the discomfort feeling was still there on and off ., but I managed to finish them because I had my Aleo to pray for me .. Thank You Lord! :D

Chitra likes the cake that I made for Kayla, and wanted the same design for her little Laasya's 2nd Birthday celebration.

A 8" Moist Chocolate Cake


Pooh in Dreamy Garden - Lebelle

Ai Lee likes my Pooh theme and .. hahahahaha .. Praise God that she had finally settled down with a design after browsing through my blog .. I was really glad that
she and hubby like the cake and design.

A 6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.



Animal Train - Xavier

My friend, Jo ordered this cake for her cute little nephew Xavier's 1st Birthday. I remembered that she likes my giraffe, so it must be a MUST for the cake .. she told me that she wanted Jungle animals but she just left the design to me .. heeee .. and I'm so happy that KH allowed me to use her idea so that I can put it on Xavier's cake .. or is it Jo's ( hahahahaha .. she told me that she likes the giraffe so much that she wanted to 'kidnap' it back home ) heeeeeee ... ;)

A 6"+9" Moist Chocolate Cake


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Toy train - Kei2

My bestie - Carol wanted to give her niece a special birthday cake, she wanted animal theme but will leave the design to me.

I'm really happy with how the cake turned out and of course .. even happier when she called me later to give me very good feedback , hahahahaha !



Wheels on the Bus theme cake for Little Haydon

Daphne wanted a Wheels on the bus theme cake for little Haydon's 1st Birthday .. with Beep the Bus, Humpty Dumpty, Incy wincy Spinder, Daisy Dog, 3 mice from Hickory Dickory and Elmo holding the No. 1 candle., out of which - the 3 mice are something alien to me again .. so need Dahpne to email the pic to show me how they look like.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pooh in sweet flower garden - Shermaine

Qiu Wen wanted a flower garden theme with Pooh and his friends for little Shermaine's 1st Birthday.

A 6" + 10" Orange Carrot Cake + Moist Chocolate Cake.



Sesame St & Spongebob for Ivan

Ivan will be celebrating his 20th Birthday and wish to have a 'kiddier' birthday cake, he listed quite a few of those cartoon characters but we finalised to these few to be with him and his friends :D


A 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fire Engine Cake - Xarius

Yee Fei told me that little Xarius loves Fire Engine, she wanted to have this theme as his 1st Birthday cake, requested for a litte mice and a boy figurine too :D and bright solid colours

A 6" + 9" strawberry butter cake + moist chocolate cake


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sesame Street Cake - Darling Josiah

This is another special cake for our church friend, Simon and Audrey's little darling from our church., a special love gift for Aloysius' favourite baby .. haha !! My dearest boy .., he just love little babies and toddlers :D
"Dearest Father in Heaven,
I pray that you will watch over little Josiah as he grows, bless him and guide him each precous day wherever he may be, Amen"

A 6" + 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.



Barney & Frenz for Little Hilda

Alice Lim told me that her little Hilda loves Barney a lot, so she wanted to have a Barney cake for her 2nd Birthday.

A 6" Moist Chocolate Cake.