Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pooh theme cake for little Joshua ...

and Mickey on board ... all to celebrate little Joshua's 1st Birthday.

Melodie likes the cake design that I made for Kiyaan, except she wanted Mickey and Pooh's other friends to be on the train carriage., got to see the little handsome Joshua whom was so adorable and am so glad that Mel likes the cake design :D

I left the front portion of the bottom tier empty for Mel to put the store-bought "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" candles.

It's a mini 2-tier ( 3"+6" ) Moist Chocolate Cake.


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Jun'sTreats said...

I love your blog, you are such an extremely talented mummy.....each of your work is a masterpiece. I wish I can make my cake as beautiful as yours. I am from brunei and has just started making fondant cake, vey new at this. How do you manage to keep your cake from gettting soft because of the high humidity?