Monday, June 15, 2009

Popeye Cake for my dearest nephew

Made this cake early in the morning before going to church on Sunday, although I was tired, but didn't want to dissapoint him .. Praise God that I can manage to complete it after I was back from church and really happy that he loves it so much .., hahahaha .. although he is already 16 this year .. but still childish hor .. hahahahahha .. he didn't allow anyone of them to cut the cake .. wanted to keep it for another day .. so sweet and cute of him .. hahahahahahaha !!
A 6" round cake carved to shape like a boat :D


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Anonymous said...

Thanks mama for the beautiful cake.
I love the cake and this cake is made with love from mama.

with love

Kellie said...

Thanks Marcus dearest ..

Mama is so happy to know that you loved it, love and honour your parents just as much they are loving you too .. .. ok?

Blessings with lots of love,