Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nemo cake for Gregory

Little Gregory has a lot of ideas when his mummy dearest decided to place an order for his 5th Birthday cake with me, he loves jelly fish a lot so he requested to have more of them ... butterflies and flowers .. but I don't know how to have butterflies on the ocean theme ..hahahahahaha

I really love doing Nemo theme and so thankful that Lin Kwee just leave the design to me, and I had much fun when I was creating it .. Praise God! :D

A 3"+8" Vanilla Butter Cake


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thomas and Friends - Troy

Rachael's little prince, Troy turned 1 and she wanted a Thomas and Friends theme for his 1st Birthday cake.

A 6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Darrel's Thomas and Friends

Rose told me that her little Darrel likes to have a Thomas theme cake for his 7th Birthday, along with 2 of Thomas' friends - Percy and James , I supposed they must be best friends .. hahahahahaha ..

A 9" Moist Chocolate Cake.


1st Anniversary Cake for Japanese Fellowship

The Cornerstone Japanese Fellowship was launched in April 2008, Mike asked me to bake a cake to mark it's First Anniversay.

He gave me the theme of Japanese men and women coming together to fellowship, to hear the word of God and know that there are people in this country who cares for their well beings. What could be better than seeing them on their kneess, feeding on the Word of God back in their land surrounded by cherry blossoms.

A 3"+6" Strawberry Butter Cake.


Mickey Mouse cake for little Wesley

Eugene and Irene's little prince turned 1, and they wanted to have a Mickey Mouse theme cake for him on his birthday ... they didn't request for any specified design but leave it to me and I really like how it turned out and hoped that they will like it too :D

A 4"+6" square Moist Chocolate Cake


A Fairy Garden cake for little Maishia

Ginette requested for a sweet pink Fairy theme cake with lots of bees, flowers, butterflies, toadstools, and a pink polka dotted bow to be included in her little Maishia's 2nd Birthday cake., after making all these on the cake .. some how ... I found that the path was a bit too quiet without a sweet little tortise on it .. heeeeeeee .. so added it at the last minute and was quite pleased with how it look like now .. hahahahaha

A 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Photobucket Photobucket

A sweet HelloKitty for my sweet Vanice

Little Vanice is my bestie, Michelle's most precious darling daughter.
She promised to get a nice cake for her on her birthday, but knowing her too well that she will not 'trouble' me by asking me to help her .. though I had quite a handful of orders for this week, but I must let her 'baby' knows that her mummy loves her most, I can't help her much but just by making a sweet sweet Hello Kitty cake to please her little princess. :D
Blessed Birthday to little Vanice ..
" Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that little Vanice and her parents may know Your love with the unfolding of each year and that they'll come to know Your purpose and Your plan as they walk with You through life together hand in hand. ... In Jesus' name, Amen "
A mini 3"+6" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lightning McQueen in James' Wonderland

Serene Phee told me that little James like McQueen .. and wanted it to be in a Wonderland 'environment', but I don't know what kind of Wonderland except Alice's .. so made some of the characters there and pasted on the sides :D

A 6" Moist chocolate cake.


A sweet Pooh & Friends for little Isabelle

Serene likes to have a sweet Pooh theme for her little princess - Isabelle's 1st Birthday cake, and wanted it so be something similiar to the cake I made for little Summer.

A 6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake

Pooh's little Piglet - Jaden

Mummy Winnie requested for Pooh hugging piglet as how she has been doing this to little Jaden .. for his 1st Birthday Cake.
A 6" Moist Chocolate Cake.

Mickey Mouse Cake for Spencer

Alicia told me that she wanted a Mickey Mouse cake for her little prince - Spencer, leave the design to me but just requested for a colourful and cheerful design :D

I was so glad that she loves it ;D

A 6"+9" Moist Chocolate Cake.

Disney Car for Little Xavier

Jamie wanted elmo to celebrate little Xavier's 1st Birthday with one of his favourite cartoon character - Lightning McQueen ;D
A 6" Fruit flavoured Butter Cake.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Callista's little pink garden cake

Callista is turning 2 today and mummy Tricia wanted to have a sweet garden cake similiar to the one I made for little Elise , with a slide beside her as Callista loves playing slide., and some cute animals with her.

A 6" Moist Chocolate Cake.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Mr Men & Little Missy - Sean

When Hui Ling told me that she wanted this theme for her little darling - Sean's 1st Birthday cake, I was .. of course like to take up this challenge , but it was a bit stressful for me as she wanted quite a no. of them and I also need to carve the NO. 1 cake to place on top of the bottom tier.

I really didn't know how to position them, not sure if the NO. 1 cake can fit nicely on the cake ( but it did ! ) and just decorate as the feel leading me to .., but , overall result was quite satisfying :D

The empty spaces at both sides of the bottom tier were reserved for the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' candles that Hui Ling will put on them later.

A 6"square cake + 10" Orange Carrot and Moist Chocolate Cake.


Vege tale - Isaac Daniel

Little Isaac Daniel is my boys' ex-cell leader, Israel's baby boy whom turned 2 this week. I've promised him that I will be making a cake for him this year as I missed his 1st Birthday last year.

Israel told us that he just need a small cake with a cartopper .., but I felt that vege tale characters are a very favourite for most of the little children in our church, and I find that they are really cute , so decided to make this theme for him.

6" Light Fruit Cake

" Dear Heavenly Father, may You pour out Your blessings upon little Isaac Daniel's life today, I pray that he will grow and be strong in spirit and that he will know that Jesus loves him always. In Jesus' name, Amen!


Mickey & Minnie for little Kayla

Dolly Chiam likes mickey & minnie to be on her little princess - Kayla's 1st Birthday cake, and wanted the bottom tier to be something like the one I did for little Sophie's Spot Dog Garden cake.

A 8"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake :D



Pooh and Friends with little Zayden

I was so happy to see Lee Ling jumping with joy when she saw the cake ( heee .. not really jumping so high .. but from her movement and reaction, she was so happy which really brighten up my day ) .. all the tireness and pain really worth it. Heeee .. why 'pain' ? my left arm was in pain for the whole day/night when I was decorating the cakes could be due to 'rheumatism' .. was praying to the Lord to allow me to finish the cakes :D .. and yes HE did !

Lee Ling just wanted to have a cheerful and colourful Pooh theme cake for her precious little Zayden .. :D :D :D

A 6" + 9" Moist Chocolate Cake


Elmo and Animals with little Kayvan

Karen Tan wanted an Elmo theme cake with some animals that her little Kayvan likes, I was trying to place some of those farm animals with the jungle type .. but somehow they just couldn't fit in .. until I rememberd KH did 1 or 2 cakes with 2D train on the cake side, so I decided to put the 2 farm animals on the train .. hmmmm, love the final result :D

Karen is such a nice lady whom didn't specify for any special requirements except Elmo which little Kayvan loves as he has one talking Elmo, and the animals, so I decided to make this which hopes that he can recognise them ... hahaha

A 10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thomas Tank cake for Marcus

Mandy likes her cake for Marcus to be something similar to the one I made for little Isaac.

It's a 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Cake for my MIL

My sil called me on Tuesday to inform us that they will be celebrating my MIL's birthday on the coming Saturday., and I was .. errrrrrr ... a bit rushing for me, but all things had been planned by HIM - I did not take in many orders for this week , so I guess I should have time to make a cake for her.

Already in mind that I won't be making fondant cake for her, so went around searching for designs for cream covered cakes as I don't like to frost my cakes with whipped cream, so want to make something 'simple' but nice!

Found a beautiful cake design done by HHB and decided to try on it., but I didn't do a good job .. mine was not as nice as hers .. hahahahaha ..
I made this 8" passionfruit sponge and filled with passionfruit mousse, with a layer of fresh strawberries and another layer of fresh mango.

I was too busy decorating Jessie's big elmo and another Thomas cake, that ... I didn't have much time to do MIL's cake, the jelly topping was not properly set because I've only about 30 min left before leaving the house, so need to wrap it up to hide the 'ugly cake side' .. and I was rushing all the way until we were late for the dinner.

"Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Your love and mercy over my mother-in-law, I pray for restoration of her memory and most importantly, Father .. I pray that you lift up my mother-in-law, let her find the light and let her find You. In Jesus name, Amen! "


Big Elmo for little Charlene

When Jessie sent an email to request for a big elmo to pop out from a present, I've actually hesitated quite a while before I dare to accept this order. I wasn't sure if I can mould it and another problem I can forsee was - how to make the big hands stuck to the cake without falling? So I didn't want to take in more orders as I want to concentrate on her order so that I won't dissapoint her.
The hands and body were the second set that I made as the first set were too big for the real cake, Praise God that the head were the correct size so I don't have to re-do it .. hahahahaha
Thank God that everything went right and Jessie sms-ed me that she was very happy with the cake and it was like a load off my mind ... :)