Monday, March 22, 2010

A sweet pink & white cake for little Charlene

Chwee Ling is back again for her little gal's birthday cake, Charlene is 7 year old this year.

Charlene decided the cake theme for her little brother Nat's 1st Birthday cake and mummy requested to have a white & pink theme cake for her and leave the design to me :D

Minnie & Barney Gift box cake for little Lebelle

I'm really happy to be bake for Ai Lee's kids again, this time is for Lebelle's 2 year old cake - this year will be little Lebelle's favourite cartoon characters to celebrate with her.
I've specially made a mini cake for little Royce, so that he will be as happy as his little kid sister :D

Mickey & Minnie cake for Laasya

I'm so happy to be able to bake another cake for little Laasya, Chitra emailed to me several months back to reserve the date and she had finally settle down with this cake design after much discussions :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dibo the Gift Dragon cake for little Gretchen

I was so surprised to receive Pst Isaiah's call last week that he found out that I can bake children's cakes when he chanced upon the website to look for a Dibo or Barney's theme cake for his precious little Gretchen's 2nd Birthday cake.
He didn't request for any designs and I started happily looking around to try to find out more about this Dibo .. but there isn't much info on this cartoon for me to refer to, so I can only base on very limited pictures to come out with this design but was glad to know that he likes the cake and little Gretchen was very excited when she saw it :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

House Blessing theme

When Evelyne emailed to me last September to request for a house blessing theme with some of the bible characters to represent her hubby and 3 kids, I was pretty excited in moulding them. However, it took me almost half a morning to complete Joshua .. but the rest came quite easily after that :)

Then, it again took me more than 12 hours to finish baking/decorating the whole cake ... Eve requested to have sweet pastel colours and I just kept staring at it as to try to make it sweet looking and yet to bring out the theme as requested :D

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thomas and friends for little Zi Ming

Sharron told me that little Zi Ming likes Thomas and friends, but she was worried that he will be sad once they cut the cake so requested to have some cuppies and asked for mini Thomas & friends specially for her little darling.

Little Zachary's Elmo cake

Christine wanted to have an Elmo theme cake for her little darling Zach's 1st Birthday cake, she liked this cake design and specially requested to have the cut out trains, car and bus to paste around the cake.
Thanks so much Chris for your sweet feedback and am really glad you and your guests like it, Praise the Lord! :D

Baby Taz & Baby Prince for little Avel

Angie requested to have a stream of shooting star effect design similar to this cake , along with a baby Taz and a baby Prince for little Avel's 1st Birthday cake.

Little Ethan's tree house cake

Yan Peng wanted her little prince Ethan's 1st Birthday cake to have a tree house similar to this cake and requested to have some cute animals to play with him.
Pls note that figurines on the top tier are provided by her :D

Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Einstein cake for little Cayden

Amanda Lee emailed a Baby Einstein cake picture to me and wanted to have the design to be something similar to it for her little Cayden's 1st Birthday cake.

Sweet Princess Castle theme for little Chloe

Chris Goh wanted to have a sweet Princess theme cake for her princess Chloe's 6th Birthday as she loves anything that is related to princess as most of the little girls do :D,

Mummy Chris didn't have much request except the cake to be in sweet pink colour and I really enjoyed decorating the cake as there is absolutely no stress doing her cake, thanks so much Chris for your sweet comments and feedback and certainly love to be able to bake more cakes for your darlings in future :D
Please note that the figurines are provided by customer.

Mummy Christy's Birthday cake

Christy had been with me for about 2 and a half years and she will take every opportunity to order a cake from me, thanks so much for being one of my super supportive fan .. heeeeeee .. but I do feel bad that I always can't bake a cake for her dearest son as his birthday seems to coincide with our church camp period most of the time in June.

This time the cake is for her birthday ... a mini cake specially made for her as the celebration was only within the family, and as a great mummy - she specially requested to have 2 figurines to represent her 2 darlings and leave the design to me as a surprise for herself :)